Gang members, students: the lack of good black and white

is that we have three people, yibing sharp as a dagger, like many people, like to insert in the center of this group, another one in the fall of the year take care brother, i do not feel the first 71 chapters. construction man of hot blood in his face, begging to see the eye contact, i feel like a hero of the book, bar none. when i steel knife to cut the man's arm gently nabing, watching other people have changed in my eyes you can feel people. "summer! please note!" i was yileng is god, fell from the sky like a knife, i have one big cloud on the side of one of chen, was precisely cut with a knife and pushed chen yun thigh , the blood suddenly cropped jeans. "yunchen!" i'm angry, wielding a knife in the right division, is likely to lose control like in the past. "when" the man asked the hands of a knife
by nocarei | 2013-05-07 15:45
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